Xavier[EXS22] Productions


Hello, my name is Ethan Xavier Sherman founder of Xavier[EXS22] Productions and, to put it simply, I am a beat production expert based in Cleveland, OH who specializes in Original Hip-Hop, R&B, and Electronic instrumental music.


I Have always had a passion for creating unusual sound and music by banging pans and humming to some of my favorite melodies since before I can even remember. On my eighth birthday when I received my first guitar I started writing quick little music numbers and since then I’ve had a passion for writing music. Though, from a family of strictly 80’s and 90’s Rock fanatics I had a unique fascination for other types of music including Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic, and Jazz music. Artists such as J-Dilla and Nujabes with their ability to put together unique and emotional music motivated me to started making my own melodies with many different methods from instruments like that same guitar to toy drum machines to even free digital Audio Workstations like LMMS and the demo FL Studio produce short melodies that expressed deep emotion like the ones that inspired me.


To this day I still have the same passion to express myself through music but have since upgraded from pots and pans to modern devices such as MIDI Controllers and Ableton Live 9 to put together sounds into music for the soul.